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Billy Mick – The Tourist

Billy Mick

Based in Florida USA Billy Mick is no stranger to the world of entertainment, having amused artists at Universal Studios and Disney World for years. But his latest track ‘The Tourist’ was inspired by an experience had worlds away from the sunshine of Florida.

Billy explains-“In 2018, my husband and I attended Manchester Pride as part of our trip to the U.K. We were so amazed at the overwhelming sense of acceptance, love and community we felt when we were there! The streets were filled with drag queens, lesbians, straight people, bears, twinks…and everyone was actually celebrating together. My prior experiences at some pride events were different – there would be a single big event or parade where people would come together and when it ended everyone would go to their separate parties or bars. It was just so cool and awe inspiring to not only see the diversity but to also be welcomed by everyone we met. We felt very much at home”.

Inspired by the intense sense of community and unification Billy felt in the streets of Manchester, he returned home to create a single packed full of the love he found in Manchester. ‘The Tourist’ is pure rock and roll, grooving and just a little camp, the track has firmly landed Billy Mick in the hearts of music fans on both sides of the pond.

‘The Tourist’ is complimented by a music video that’s almost as vibrant as Billy Mick himself, see below.

“I am a Rock ‘n’ Roll singer, singing songs about life, love, individuality and equality. I have a very eclectic style in my music and fabulous jackets with tons of flair. I guess you could say I am a one-person Variety Show! For The Tourist I wanted this to be the 80’s Rock ‘n’ Roll/Punk fantasy that everyone secretly has.”
Billy Mick’s personality is infectious, joyous and bright; he has that enviable ability to truly light up a room.

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