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Elin Vallin – Nanana

Elin Vallin

This is the debut solo single from composer and singer Elin Vallin, having previously collaborated on projects with other Swedish musicians. It is simultaneously intimate and grand; beginning with a plaintive vocal and piano motif that weaves through the song and remains as a reference point throughout.

Elin draws us in with the opening line of the narrative ‘…..sneaking in the backdoor and we’re moving too fast….’ before the emotion of the moment is lost to logical thought and dissolves into ‘….nanana…’. The uncertainty and hesitancy when a new relationship is familiar but still uncharted is reflected in the repeated lyric ‘…..and I’m scared of falling in….and promise when all of this is over…you’ll look back at the night it started…it was snowing…’.

While the delivery of words dramatically changes dynamics and breathes life into the song, the instrumentation builds into layers of big sound with soaring orchestral flourishes and contrasts; a musical reflection of the emotional snowstorm and the thaw…

Mike Wright

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