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Fredrik Jullum – People Rush

Fredrik Jullum is a young singer/songwriter from Norway. ‘People Rush’ is his second single and is a catchy slice of Euro indie pop.

Jullum has a good, melodic voice, which is perfect for this type of thoughtful, but playful indie-pop song. ‘People Rush’ has a solid 90’s style electro-pop foundation with a distinct European sound.

It begins with a piano intro and a strong vocal.  The rest of the instruments kick in to good effect.  What I would say, is that the infusion of electric guitar towards the end sounds “tacked on” and unnecessary.

At its heart is a thought provoking song about not knowing which direction your life is taking you as people you know and the rest of the world appear to be passing you by.

‘People Rush’ is catchy and pleasant enough to listen to but lacks a bit of overall presence.

Darren Kelly

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