Indie Music



GEISTE is a young and upcoming dark-pop performer from St Tropez in the south of France. Dark Pop has been used to cover acts as diverse as The Jesus and Mary Chain and the Cocteau Twins. GEISTE’s take on this genre is much more like the beautiful melodic dreamscapes that Liz Fraser and co used to create rather than the reverb driven darkly Spectoresque guitar masterpieces the Reid brothers provided us with.

GEISTE’s voice isn’t in the Liz Taylor league but few if any have been able to match her vocal beauty and soprano level range. GEISTE’s latest offering Twig from her upcoming EP Retrogrades is a wonderfully layered piece of moody electronic driven pop. The song and it’s video explores the darker side of life that she has encountered herself and at the hands of others.

But she has shown the strength to overcome these issues and draw on them to compose a very personal and thought provoking song in Twig which is a tantalizing taster to the upcoming EP.

Mark Wakeman