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Grandmas House release debut EP

The Bristol based all girl punk trio are well known for their fast, harsh and energetic guitar riffs as well as their aggressive drumbeats. Grandmas House show us their love of post-punk through drawing us in with captivating throat grabbing sounds. The original fresh sounds the band thrive to create is undeniably sensational. After forming in 2018 the band have emerged into Bristol music scene, some are believed to have described Grandmas House as the most exciting band to come from the city since IDLES, creating a mixture of murky yet infectious punk rock that will get the crowd roaring.

Since starting Grandmas House have had many successes including the single ‘Devil’s Advocate’ which received airplay on BBC Introducing for its adrenaline pumping sound which contributed to spreading the word about these extremely talented girls.

Music is a powerful tool and the band discovered this during the past year when the pandemic was amongst us. Grandmas House returned to the studio and created a strong anthem called ‘No Place Like Home’ and this enabled them to break the silence over post-Brexit issues as well as voice their frustrations on unfair decisions. As two of the members originated from outside of the UK this also made things difficult for the band.

The tracks on their self-titled EP are extremely contagious, upbeat and full of electric energy. These catchy rock and roll songs will get you off your feet doing some head banging to the heavy music . This style of music reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys with their raspy voices and themes of teenage adolescence which is something I really enjoy listening to.

The opening song ‘Golden’ is one I love as it relates back to believing in miracles and how no matter what the weather is the girls are still going to shine. Things are starting to look up for the band and better days are upon them. The raw atmospheric sounds make this song incredible as they use tonnes of emotion to emphasise the bands ambitions of becoming bigger than ever.

Another favourite of mine is ‘Girl’ this one is a groovy yet empowering song that preaches queer women and women in general. The lyrics speak of how girls drive us crazy, whether that’s because they constantly nag us or play hard to get either way this song is fun and full of character which will relate to anyone experiencing girl trouble.

‘Feed Me’ is one we can all look up to after a night on the town and having a dreadful hangover the next day, the words express how we all want to be taken care of and brought takeaways and medicine to cure it. The track consists of fierce yet thunderous beats which help us understand how they are truly feeling as the heaviness represents being rough and grim.

The final song ‘Pasty’ consists with fast yet dramatic riffs alongside playful light-hearted words about a girl who runs a pasty stall in Bristol. The music the band looks to create is quirky and weird but is sure to put a smile on your face after a rainy day as the music oozes with passion, warmth and a hint of cheekiness. The messages within each song are both serious and important but also include a dose of wit and humour to keep their music both different and interesting.

Here at Indie Midlands we look forward to hearing more fantastic music from Grandmas House soon. Their debut EP is available to stream everywhere now.

Grandmas House headline Hare & Hounds on November 1st. Tickets are available here.

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