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Lexxicon – Bashment SZN


Lexxicon’s ‘Bashment SZN’ EP is a no-nonsense, 5-track collection of dancehall anthems that have come at the perfect time to score the nation’s return to beer gardens and warm weather. There’s little differentiation between each track, with the same confident, rhythmic vocals flying the flag for Lexxicon’s tropical style. As ‘Bashment SZN’ comes in EP form, the similar sound to the tracks is excusable, with each one combining and sort of playing into one another to an extent that the vibe is maintained without it becoming repetitive. Any more on top of the five songs provided on the EP and this would’ve changed entirely.

The backing beat for each tune provides a stylistic soundscape for cruising around town in an open-top, with singles such as ‘Pon Di Floor’ and ‘No Hay Mejor’ specifically creating that going out vibe which makes them the first tracks to be played in-between returning from a bar and going out to the club.

The EP makes you feel slick and listening garnishes you with the same swagger that Lexxicon parades. Overall, there’s an uncanny comparison with dancehall legends of old and new, with genre icons like Sean Paul, Wiley and Megan Thee Stallion coming to mind. What the EP lacks in song variety, it makes up for in energy and infectious rhythm; where it’s probably not one for your chilled out playlists, it’s definitely a record that’ll come into its own in another few months, when club doors re-open and nightlife lights illuminate.

Quite Great

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