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Lily Hain – People Grow Apart

Lily Hain

Back with the remarkable debut EP ‘Drifted’, we’re going to dive headfirst into Lily Hain’s remarkable single ‘People Grow Apart’. A vivid journey from the first note, the single showcases a more delicate side to the songwriter. A strong contrast from previous single ‘IMYJ’, which is the first single off the EP, ‘People Grow Apart’ features a gentle, personal side to Lily’s hypnotising songwriting. Hearing a songwriter be honest with her fans is always something that makes us love them even more. Displaying an authentic side always, Lily should be in the same vein as the world’s biggest pop stars. 

On the meaning behind the song, Lily shares, “People Grow Apart is about growing pains and missing old friends. I wrote it 5 months after I graduated from college and during the thick of the pandemic. I felt incredibly isolated from all my friends and started to miss people from my past that I was once really close with. It’s essentially an ode to anyone I was ever friends with, whether we grew apart slowly or if our friendship ended on poor terms.”


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