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PinkFiz – Did I Ask?


‘Did I Ask?’ is the latest single from Cambridgeshire punk pop artist PinkFiz. It’s a song that touches on the subject of female consent.

Talking about the track PinkFiz had the following to say:

“I wrote this song about the phrase “she was asking for it” because I was really angry that day about it and I needed to get all my frustration about it into words and into a song. I am very passionate about fighting for equality and about making opportunities for everyone the same. As a female guitarist I have been overlooked in the past and disregarded and I’ve often felt invalidated and seen as not as good as my male peers. I also recalled being robbed of opportunities in school and begging for a chance to play something more technical and difficult but the parts I would ask for were always given to an older male teacher without me having a shot at trying them.”

Musically the song has a post punk feel. Almost like a DIY version of GHUM. The bassline and lead guitar hook being of partciular delight. PinkFiz’s vocals are quite low key but fit the song perfectly. The song is dark but melodic. I like it.

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