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Raven Artson – Locks For You (feat. True Blue)

Raven Artson

‘Locks For You’ is the latest taste of Los Angeles-Amsterdam pop visionary Raven Artson’s creative exploration. It’s often said that an artist is carving their own unique sound out – but this is more true here than normal, with a special combination of vibes which is very difficult to describe. The autotuned male vocals with an ethereal background evoke the experimental hyperpop of Dorian Electra and Charli XCX; the laid-back, pondering instrumentals remind me of the XX; while the outro’s string composition makes me think of ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’.

Still confused? It’s probably best you just listen, as nothing I can write will truly give ‘Locks For You’ the justice it deserves. Between all of this, it features additional vocals from True Blue – the alias of New York City’s Maya Laner, who’s voice works perfectly with the ethereal exterior of this track. Two very talented artists came together to create a wonderful piece of music which will leave you feeling like you’re on a cloud, free and breezing away into a sunny, blue sky…

You might be hearing more from Raven in the coming months too. His talent has already led to airplay by BBC1’s Jack Saunders and Elton John, contributing to Sevdaliza’s sophomore album, composing the soundtrack for Madja Amin’s ‘May’ and playing the lead role in Folkert Verdoorn’s short film ‘The Performer’. And if it’s good enough for a legend like Elton John, it’s most certainly good enough for me.

Ryan Powell

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