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The Bobby Tenderloin Universe – That’s All I’m Sayin

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe has recently released one of its most groundbreaking projects to date: “That’s All I’m Sayin”. This new work features a varied range of creative influences. The edge and one-of-a-kind sound of this release highlights The Bobby Tenderloin Universe’s ability to constantly redefine the boundaries of sound and try new ideas.

Fans of music that’s upbeat, but also innovative should definitely check out The Bobby Tenderloin Universe’s work. “That’s All I’m Sayin” stands out as a remarkable example of what people can expect from this fantastic artist, and the edgy mix of different genres, combined with the artist’s personality and flow, is a truly winning factor that makes this release all the more enjoyable. “That’s All I’m Sayin” is a great accomplishment, and it opens the doorway to so many possibilities. The Bobby Tenderloin Universe are already fast growing their fanbase here in the UK, with a standout show at The Great Escape festival recently. 

Find out more about The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, and check out “That’s All I’m Sayin”. This release is available to stream and download.

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