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The France – California

The France

The France have released new single ‘California’. I should point out The France aren’t from France. The France also aren’t from California. They’re from Rochdale…

“There aren’t many places on Earth better than Rochdale,” the band explain. “But California is one of them. San Fran, San Diego, LA: we fell in love, and this is for them. Prior to recording our producer said “you’ve either written one of the best riffs ever written or you’ve accidentally stolen it.” So let’s just say he’s recorded one of the best riffs ever written”.

So with that out the way hopefully you will love the song ‘California’ as much as The France love the state California. It’s a catchy upbeat tune with lush retro-synths and a snazzy bassline. Very radio friendly it’s got ‘chart hit’ written all over it. It’s a song that could very easily have been released in the 80’s with it’s nostalgic feel, it makes you picture teens on roller skates in and around venice beach with the sun shining down on them as they skate around in brightly coloured clothing.

‘California’ quite frankly is a song you can’t fail to enjoy. So give it a listen.

Gary Tibbs

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