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Bella Poarch Fights Grimes in ‘Dolls’ Video Featuring Madison Beer, Chloe Cherry

Just ’cause they built a bitch, doesn’t mean she won’t fight back! On Thursday, Bella Poarch released the music video for her new song “Dolls,” and it serves as a continuation to the video for her debut single, “Build a B*tch,” which dropped last year.

The Andrew Donoho-directed video follows Poarch — accompanied by several other dolls played by Euphoria‘s Chloe Cherry and singer Madison Beer — after she and the female robots escape the factory that “created them.” (For context, watch the “Build a B*tch” video, where men get to pick and choose exactly how they want their robo-girl built.)

Poarch — armed with a bionic arm after getting her limb removed sometime between the two videos — and her robo-women friends try to take down the corporation responsible for their existence. The girls are seen walking through the city and liberating dolls from Man Made storefronts.

“‘Cause, baby, dolls kill, don’t provoke us or we will/Push you downhill, might be pretty, but we’re still,” sings Poarch on the track. “Bitter as much as we’re sweet, knife hidden under the sheets/Baby, dolls kill, don’t provoke us or we will.”

As the video progresses, Poarch enters the lair of Man Made’s CEO before she’s confronted by Grimes, who plays an evil, cyber-viking doll with metallic claws and illuminated red eyeballs. The two engage in a cinematic physical fight, before they crash into a wall and Grimes’ character notices a control room where escaped dolls are being killed and carried away. Her red eyes dim, realizing that she, too, is a doll.

The video also features cameos from content creators such as Larray, Bretman Rock, Dream, Valkyrae, Ludwig, among others.

“Part of the journey is the end…” Poarch wrote alongside a teaser of the video on Instagram Thursday.

Poarch and Grimes have been friends for sometime, with the “Oblivion” songstress describing TikToker as “super-hardcore” in a profile for IndieLand.

“[Bella] is calm in the face of chaos. Despite being through some deeply fucked-up stuff, she’s hyper-focused on optimism and making sure everyone wins,” she said.

The release of “Dolls” follows last year’s “Build a B*tch” and her track “Inferno” alongside Sub Urban. IndieLand‘s Brittany Spanos described her new music as “Melanie Martinez-inspired, haunted doll-core, full of eerie tinkering noises that add an edge to her sweet, soft vocals.”

“Looking at Beyoncé, she sang songs to uplift other people,” Poarch told IndieLand. “Now, that’s what I want to do.”

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