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Chlöe and Latto Offer a Lifetime of Late Nights on New Single ‘For the Night’

Chlöe Bailey’s debut solo album, outside of her work alongside her sister in Chlöe x Halle, is shaping up to be an R&B dream. On the singer’s latest single, “For The Night,” she teams up with fellow Atlanta native Latto for a late-night serenade about wanting to cherish the relationship she has, while also imagining what it could be like if all of the games and hesitations were cut out of the equation.

“I ask myself why we can’t be closer/I play those same games a thousand times over/And you crave those long nights with me, oh, don’t you?” Chlöe asks on the London on da Track-produced single, offering: “You can leave your guard at the door/And let me love you for the night.”

When Latto takes over, it’s with the confidence of someone playing a game they know they’ve already won. “That don’t mean you good, they only love you at your best/You know where to come and crash when your life a wreck,” she issues as more of a reminder than an offer, later sealing the deal: “I’m the only one know everything you like/You can have this for the night or for your life.”

“For the Night” arrives with a choreography-heavy music video co-directed by Chlöe and Shermay Joh. The clip opens with the singer taking a facetime call from comedian Druski, who in this instance is the situationship partner afraid to make a full commitment. “Remember when I said I had a lot going on?” he asks, adding just as she’s about to head off to rehearsal: “We don’t gotta tell the world.”

Chlöe’s inner circle keeps her afloat throughout the visual while she pushes through not being his first choice. When she links up with Latto backstage at a music festival, the rapper delivers a succinct reading on the person she let break her heart: “Girl, not him.” By the end, the singer puts her worth first, tossing a fresh bouquet of flowers into the trash. On to the next one.

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