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DARK FUNERAL Announces 30th Anniversary Edition Of Their Debut EP


Dark Funeral is celebrating 30 years of black metal with a completely re-recorded version of their 1994 debut EP Dark Funeral. The EP features the original release remixed by David Castillo and re-mastered once again by Thomas “Plec” Johansson, as well as the aformentioned re-recorded music following the original.

“In January 1994, Blackmoon (RIP) and I put our entire income and savings into a recording session and pressing 1,000 copies of our 4-track debut Mini-CD,” said Dark Funeral guitarist and original member Lord Ahriman. “A Mini-CD we released ourselves too.”

“To now reach the significant milestone with an epic 30th anniversary is of course very honorable for me & the band. Three decades of Swedish Black Metal filled with precious memories.

“It is now time for us to reflect on what started it all, a 30-year epic journey, filled with experiences and an unbreakable bond. And in this honor, we have breathed new life into these legendary songs & given them an honest but modern update. Enjoy!”

Pre-orders for Dark Funeral are available here.

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