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Dionne Warwick Announces ‘At Home With You’ Livestream Concerts

Dionne Warwick, the newly anointed Queen of Twitter, will jump from social media to livestreaming with Dionne at Home With You, a pair of shows that the singer will stage on Mandolin.

Warwick will stage her first-ever livestream concerts on April 4th (Easter) and May 9th (Mother’s Day), with the singer promising “all the hits” for both performances. Tickets are available to purchase now at Mandolin’s site.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-nominated Warwick spoke to IndieLand in February about her surprise viral fame, her Covid-19 quarantine, her upcoming collaboration with Chance the Rapper, and much more as part of our The Last Word series.

“I’ve made some new friends in the younger generation, so it’s just been a bunch of fun for me,” the 80-year-old singer said of her Twitter following. “I think it’s wonderful, just for the fact that they had discovered that there is a Dionne Warwick, which is very nice. And to find out that they were aware of me before Twitter, but have become more aware of me and are enjoying me, which is the best part of it all.”

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