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Ed Sheeran Wants to Build a Crypt on His Private Estate

Ed Sheeran wants a crypt built inside the yet-to-be-constructed private chapel on his Suffolk estate. In December, the “Bad Habits” singer requested a permit to make additions to the building plan for his Wynneys Hall Chapel — whose construction was approved in 2019 — that included the addition of a “burial zone beneath” its ground floor, IndieLand can confirm.

The request to build the crypt, which would measure about nine feet by six feet, was part of an application submitted to the East Suffolk Council on Christmas Eve. The application also included the addition of windows, elevators, a temporary shed, and “welfare facilities.”

While a rep for Sheeran did not immediately respond to IndieLand‘s request for comment, a spokesperson for the East Suffolk Council said that they have received the singer’s application and that it’s “currently being considered and a decision will be made in due course.” (The application’s determination deadline is Feb. 17.)

ed sheeran burial zone

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The crypt would be located beneath the ground floor of the chapel, whose construction was approved by the local Council in November 2019. In Sheeran’s 2019 request for the building of the chapel, he noted that it would be “a private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer” and “for celebration of key life and family milestones, family and social gatherings, marriages, [and] christenings.”

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Sheeran’s entire estate — which is valued at over $5 million and is nicknamed “Sheeranville,” according to The Guardian — also features a gym, a wildlife pond, and a pub.

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