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EXODUS Pushes Studio Time Back To May


Despite the fact that Gary Holt is back with Slayer for a few shows, Exodus is still driving forward as hard as ever! Exodus frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza checked in with everyone via his Toxic Vault YouTube channel, revealing that the band is working on the follow-up to their 2021 record Persona Non Grata.

“We’re writing new Exodus right now and I think we were originally supposed to be in the studio… We were gonna be in March 1st, but we can’t just rush this stuff. It has to happen. So I think it’s more like in the mid-May that it’s going to happen now.”

He continued: “We’re going down and doing five shows in South America. We’re doing Summer Breeze [festival] in Brazil, and there’s some stuff in Chile and in Ecuador and in — a couple more things in Brazil that we’re doing that will be kinda like right before we go in to do that. And then I believe Europe is the last week of July — around the 26th or the 27th of July to August 18th — so I don’t think it will be much stuff in there that’s going to collude that. But that’s where we are at right now with Exodus anyway.”

As for how new Exodus sounds, Zetro has no idea. Unless Exodus has decided to go full-on smooth jazz, I think it’s probably safe to assume that despite not having heard any of it, new Exodus is heavy and fast as fuck.

“I haven’t heard anything that they’re writing. It usually starts with Tom [Hunting, drums] and Gary. So, it’ll be music and then drums. And then when they have kind of stuff pasted together, then I’ll hear bits and pieces of it. It kind of rolls like that, but within three or four weeks’ time, what sounds like just riffs put together actually turn into full songs, with lyrics and everything. Persona Non Grata went that way, for sure. And in the past we had done it like that. So that’s what’s actually happening as far as Exodus is concerned right now.”

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