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Infectious Grooves recently hit the studio to record a brand new song. The single features Infectious Grooves live drummer Jay Weinberg (ex-Slipknot), as well as former guitarist Adam Siegel. No word on when we can expect to hear it, but hey – new Infectious Grooves is coming! It’s also nice to see Weinberg back out there drumming after getting unceremoniously fired from Slipknot.

“So much fun and what a blaST! Lots of smiles and a killer new jam!

“Yesterday Infectious Grooves was back in the studio, recording a new track and we can’t wait for you to hear.

“We even got our old guitar player (and amazing artist) Adam Siegel out of “retirement” to help write this jam (not pictured due to having to leave early)

“Huge thanks to Tim Armstrong for always welcoming us into his studio and Joey Castillo for letting us use his drums.

“And damn, Jay Weinberg beat and grooved the hell out of them! Was so much fun watching him do his thing, and start everything off with a blast.

“More updates soon. We can’t wait to share more soon. Infectious Grooves is in the house! (And the studio!)”

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