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Grimes Wants to Quit Her Day Job

Grimes appears ready to update her LinkedIn and become the latest member of the Great Resignation, tweeting that she’s interested in “changing my main day job” after releasing her next album, Book 1.

“Celebrity culture is suffocating af,” the musician wrote. “I’m not quitting music, but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1. Music industry feels old and tired, reliant on archaic systems.”

As to what exactly she’ll pursue next, Grimes wasn’t specific. In the replies, a handful of popular Twitch streamers, including Hasan Piker and Imane Anys, tried to convince her to join the streaming platform full-time. But Grimes admitted that was unlikely since, “I think public speaking is my weakness.” More likely, one might assume, will be a continued pursuit of the human-AI singularity, with Grimes maybe half-joking (or not) to British science presenter, Liv Boeree, “Maybe we need to introduce the concept of homo techno.”

In the meantime, Grimes’ current day job is keeping her busy with preparations for Book 1. At the beginning of December, she released a new song, “Player of Games,” and a few weeks later dropped a wild sci-fi fantasy clip for the track, which was directed by Anton Tammi. The song marks Grimes’ first proper single since the release of her 2020 album, Miss Anthropocene, although it does follow a short track, “Love,” which she posted on social media as a response to the “privacy invasion, bad press, online hate, and harassment” she experienced after her separation from Elon Musk. 

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Despite releasing “Player of Games,” Grimes hasn’t shared any other official details about Book 1, including a release date or tracklist. But as some fans on Reddit noted recently, back at the start of December, Grimes appeared to tease a potential collaboration with the Weeknd on her Discord server; the pairing would make sense considering “Player of Games” was co-produced by regular Weeknd collaborator Illangelo, while Tammi also directed several Weeknd music videos for After Hours. 

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