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Laura Jane Grace Shares Psychedelic Video for ‘SuperNatural Possession’

Laura Jane Grace has released a psychedelic music video for “SuperNatural Possession,” a song taken from her new solo album Stay Alive.

The clip shows Grace singing “SuperNatural Possession” to the camera and playing guitar in front of a kaleidoscopic background as a third eye appears and disappears on her forehead. The visual was created by Network 77’s Rachel Litchtman.

Grace released Stay Alive this past October, featuring songs that she originally intended for her band Against Me!’s first album since 2016’s Shape Shift With Me. She ended up recording the songs by herself with Steve Albini during lockdown as a way to fight off the dread of the pandemic.

“I just wanted to make a record and I wanted to make a record that was the antithesis of a Zoom call,” she said in an interview with IndieLand. “I wanted to record all analog. I didn’t want to make any edits. I wanted to make something that matters from this period of time because all that shit like livestreams … I don’t mean to bash them, but they don’t create anything lasting, you know?”

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Grace previously released a horror-themed music video riffing on the Covid-19 era for “The Swimming Pool Song.”

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