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Looks Like GHOST Might Have A New Song Coming Soon


Hold on to your papal robes, because it seems like new Ghost might be on the way!

Ghost recently announced their new movie Rite Here Rite Now and only last week put up pre-orders for the soundtrack. If you’ve seen any postings about the pre-order – especially the one on Bandcamp – then you know Ghost has purposefully kept the tracklist a secret. Which is strange considering this is a live album, right?

Well according to a report by MetalSucks, a new song possibly called “Future Is A Foreign Land” might be involved, hence the secrecy. One fan on Reddit found the song in the the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Repertory, which is essentially a database for songs and their songwriters. The song is credited to A Ghoul Writer (the name Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge uses), and Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare – the two guys behind both songs on Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic and a good chunk of Impera.

Rite Here Rite Now is out in theaters on June 20 and 22, so I’m guessing we’ll have an answer by then.

Rite Here Rite Now combines never-before-seen 2023 concert footage from Ghost‘s two sold-out shows at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum, with a narrative story that picks up plot threads from the band’s long-running Chapters series. Rite Here Rite Now was directed by Ghost‘s Tobias Forge and Alex Ross Perry, and will launch in cinemas globally on June 20 and 22 only.

The soundtrack to Rite Here Rite Now will be released via Loma Vista Recordings, which you can pre-order right here (rite here?).

“Over a decade ago when Ghost got signed to Loma Vista, Tom Whalley (owner and CEO) asked what the story of the band was,” said Forge.

“He felt telling a story was vital in order to get new fans engaged. I said that because we were a new ‘baby’ band and more importantly we were an ANONYMOUS baby band, there wasn’t really a compelling story to tell. Not yet anyway. But I told him that if he wanted a story, I could come up with one. This film is the fruit of that conversation.”

Perry added: “Collaborating with Tobias to expand the saga of Ghost into a feature film has been a wicked delight. This movie allowed us to be inspired by everything from silent horror to The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle, from Ralph Bakshi to KISS Alive II. The influences were many, but above all, the ultimate goal was to make a one-of-a-kind feast not only for Ghost fans, but all lovers of the cinematic alchemy between rock spectacle and spooky delights.”

Rite Here Rite Now was produced by Popecorn Cinematic Pictures. Producers include Kristen Mulderig, Rick Sales, Craig Butta, and Jonas Åkerlund.

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