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Metallica Drop Live Rendition of ‘Of Wolf and Man’ From 1993 Concert in Germany

Metallica have teased yet another track from their massive 30th anniversary Black Album reissue project, a live recording of “Of Wolf and Man.”

The track was taken from Metallica’s May 22nd, 1993 show in Mannheim, Germany, and it opens with James Hetfield delivering a delightful dedication: “This one goes out to all you fucking crazy animals out there — you’re all gonna let loose tonight!”

The live rendition of “Of Wolf and Man,” arrives on the heels of another promo video for the Black Album reissue: a charming clip in which Jason Newsted (the band’s bassist during the Black Album era) unboxes and pores over the massive reissue set.

Metallica’s Black Album reissue will boast an enormous array of material, including unreleased demos, rough mixes and outtakes; live recordings from shows in Oakland, Sacramento and Germany; and even two discs of band interviews conducted by David Fricke and Steffan Chriazi. There will also be a bunch of DVDs with “making-of” footage, music videos, “home movies,” live shows shot in several European countries and Wherever We May Roam concert film.

Capping it all off, Metallica tapped over 50 artists to cover their favorite songs on The Black Album for an additional release, The Metallica Blacklist. So far, the band has shared covers by Phoebe Bridgers, Chris Stapleton, Weezer, Jon Pardi, J Balvin, Diet Cig, Jason Isbell, St. Vincent, and an all-star rendition of “Nothing Else Matters” by Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Watt, Robert Trujillo and Chad Smith.

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Both The Black Album reissue and The Metallica Blacklist will be released September 10th.

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