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Mick Jagger Recruits Dave Grohl for New Song on Pandemic Life, ‘Eazy Sleazy’

Mick Jagger has enlisted Dave Grohl for a new song, “Eazy Sleazy.” The track finds Jagger tackling life during the pandemic, with a mix of frustration, exhaustion and humor. In one verse, he sings about refusing to try a TikTok dance and falling on his ass in a samba class, while later he challenges “deep state” believers and other conspiracy theorists.

The chorus, however, is packed with optimism for the post-pandemic future as Jagger sings, “We escaped from the prison walls/Open the windows and open the doors/But it’s easy easy/Everything’s gonna get really freaky/Alright on the night/It’s gonna be a garden of earthly delights.”

Jagger and Grohl co-wrote “Eazy Sleazy,” with the former handling guitar and vocals, and the latter playing drums, guitar and bass. The song was produced by Jagger’s longtime musical collaborator Matt Clifford, who also produced Jagger’s two 2017 songs, “Gotta Get a Grip” and “England Lost.”

“It’s hard to put into words what recording this song with Sir Mick means to me,” Grohl tells IndieLand about the song. “It’s beyond a dream come true. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any crazier……and it’s the song of the summer, without a doubt!!”

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Jagger and Grohl have collaborated on a handful of occasions. In 2012, Grohl, alongside Foo Fighters, served as one of Jagger’s backing bands when he was host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live (Arcade Fire was the other backing band). One year later, Grohl joined the IndieLands onstage in Anaheim, California, playing guitar and singing on the Sticky Fingers classic, “Bitch.”

Back in February, Foo Fighters released their 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight. Grohl is also prepping a new autobiographical book, The Storyteller, which will arrive October 5th via Dey Street Books.

As for Jagger and the Stones, the band was supposed to spend 2020 on the road, but had to postpone those dates due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Last April, though, the group released a new song, “Living in a Ghost Town,” which marked their first original song since 2012.



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