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Phoebe Bridgers to Appear in Bonkers Twitch Livestream Series

Phoebe Bridgers will celebrate her album Punisher on a new Twitch livestream series, Released!, airing on Sunday, July 12th.

The series is a collaboration between Beats by Dre and IHEARTCOMIX and is hosted by comedian Zack Fox. Described as “an interactive live performance narrative adventure,”  it combines music, animation, internet culture and more. Fox stars as “everyman” living on Planet Ass with his animated pitbull sidekick Marlow and alien landlord.

Creative directed by Kitao Sakurai, each episode will feature artists who attempt to help Fox solve problems. The series will kick off with Bridgers, who is hoping to make it to the Cyber Goth Prom in space, but has to make a punch in order to “change into her true human form.” Once at the prom, she’ll perform songs from Punisher, which arrived in June.

“It’s gonna be a lot of music, a lot of green screen stuff, a lot of effects, and a lot of…smells,” Fox says in the teaser above. The duo trade off naming scents, including hibiscus, cedarwood, lavender and more. “Mahogany,” Fox adds. “I don’t even know if that’s a smell.”

Bridgers recently performed the Punisher track “I See You” on the Late Late Show With James Corden. Last week, Bridgers and her Boygenius bandmates dropped demos from their 2018 self-titled LP for one day only on Bandcamp, donating proceeds to three separate charities.

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