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Radiohead Create Digital Holiday Greeting Cards

Radiohead launched a series of digital holiday greeting cards via their online Public Library.

Fittingly for the band responsible for “Fitter Happier,” these digital notes are more unsettling than generically festive. The outside design options are “FA LA LA,” “LA-LA,” LA, LA,” LA” and “LAA,” and the inside choices include “EVERYTHING IS ROSY,” “PEACE ON YOU,” “IN LIEU OF EMPTINESS,” “HOPE FOR THE FUTURE” and “SUNLIT UPLANDS STILL AWAIT.”

The band detailed the project on the site, writing, “This festive card is for you to make and send to acquaintances new and old. No element of data placed into it will be stored by Radiohead. Although if you are interested in hearing from Radiohead, quietly walk over here and join W.A.S.T.E. Please don’t run. This is still a library.”

The band’s Jonny Greenwood accompanied the announcement with his own holiday greeting to fans.

“I hope you are all safe and well and not too scared, or too bored,” he wrote. “I also hope that somehow we can be part of making music for you soon, and that the pleasure of making music, and hearing music, whether in a gig, concert hall, church, or at home with friends — is not forgotten in this desolate year. And as we climb out of 2020, washing our hands, I wish you all a happier new year — and send you and yours all our fondest regards.”

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Radiohead issued their most recent studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, in 2016. Singer Thom Yorke released his latest solo project, the album and Netflix short film Anima, in 2019.

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