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Explore The Darkest Depths Of Your Soul With KAIS

“Willow” is quite a fascinating title for a song so deep and profound; in fact, the entire piece feels like a monologue pouring out of a wounded heart. Entrancing music, otherworldly melody, and a voice that knows every corner of despair as it sings out those long notes…there’s nothing more magical yet at the same time tragic than “Willow” in KAIS’ extensive body of work. 

The song dropped alongside “On To Land”, another extraordinary track that thematically and musically follows up on “Willow”. In KAIS’ words, “‘On to Land’ speaks of the process of human evolution. Humans began as a tadpole that once swam through water, through lakes, silt and mire, and in time was drawn out by the magnetic light beyond the shore. The process upward was inevitable and its being began to itch for the skies. The human race made the heavens its final frontier, and with a burning desire for exploration sprung from the earthly cradle to become a farer of the void, the still expanse.”

Kais Khoury, professionally known as KAIS, is a Jordanian/Canadian singer-songwriter and producer known for his unique interpretation of complex human emotions. Fusing elements of indie soul, neo psychedelic rock, and folk music, the multi-instrumentalist focuses on capturing the beauty of mankind in the midst of all the difficulties and struggles of life. Check out “Willow” right here!

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