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Carina Torres – Count on Me

Even though the mainstream charts may be slightly hectic at the moment, Carina Torres’ ‘Count on Me‘ is a track that could easily wipe the whole chart. Armed with smooth silk, woven vocals and infectious melodies, the new track is a guiding light and a reassuring number. Prominently a love song that tells the story about wanting a love to last forever, the track is tapped with R&B, indie-pop elements. This well-received single was mentioned as a “delightful reminder of why you want to keep your eye on her” and opened up the doors of some live music stages in London.

Speaking about her new release, Carina shares, “Count on Me is a love song through and through. It is about really wanting to keep someone around and saying that you are there for them the same way they are there for you. You might not be able to fully describe it but you know the feeling is there, the love is strong and you don’t want it to go away.”

“Count on Me” is out now and available to stream below.

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