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Enid Ellen’s “Piss Boi Pisces”: A Dive into the Depths of Queer Rock

Amidst the colorful texture of today’s music environment, Enid Ellen of a crowded Cleveland Ohio shines through with their new album “Piss Boi Pisces“. It’s not just an album, but a visit to the heart of queer rock. An album that moves beyond genre into experience and identity born out of pure artistic abandon as well?

Enid Ellen (David Mramor) and Greg Potter combine forces, literally exploding with sound and emotion merging the raucousness of ’90s grunge with a touch defined by glitterific delicacy. This album is the coarse canvas painted with colors of unbearable human suffering, their essential queerness as children hailing from Ohio, and being Pisces. And it’s a brush flinging defiance into society at large.

So, how about those tunes? We say that each track is a galaxy in itself. For example, Pisces Intro is a dream-like intro that sets you up for the emotional roller coaster to come. They’re like walking into a world where roses grow in strange colors, and scooters refuse to go down. A poetic beginning to a journey of poesy.

Next is “Papa Qween” is a song that envelops you in its rhythms, and pulls you along the road of desire. The chorus is a singing, melancholy invocation to some guide that echoes with heart gripping longing for someone who will never love you.

It’s not all soft corners and gentle waves, though. Surge comes in with a roar The systemic hysteria readies for battle, declaring its existence. It is a queer song, an impassioned cry that rings out from the canyons of the mind for anyone who has ever been made to feel on its margins. The album shifts into another gear with “The Ground Will Break, ” a desolate depiction of reality imbued with the taste of existentialism. It’s a reminder of our human fragility-a soft, dark voice saying this is so we can feel something.

Acadia” cannot be left out, of course. It’s a song that gives an impression of travelling through time and space, reverie at one with itself. The words are a melody you can never forget, one that lingers long after the song is over.

Enid Ellen is not a mere music company, it’s an experience. “Piss Boi Pisces” is a document of their journey as artists, humans, and rebels. When you bring in drummer Mark Karges and bassist Thomas Hemmerick, the album is not only magic but also a manifesto.

Finally, “Piss Boi Pisces” is more than an album, it’s a part of Enid Ellen. It is a story, it is rebellion and a location of love that does not care how beautiful the subject gets. This counts as essential listening for any person who dares to take the plunge into queer rock and be rejuvenated if not transformed on their way back up.

Peep the new track here: