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Laszlo Jones Delivers a Tailor-Made Production – “In The Morning”

On April 30, 2021 composer and producer Laszlo Jones revealed his much-anticipated single. Jones is accompanied by producer and bassist Michael Buens, Ralph Salmins on the drums, and Micael Arrom on the piano. The prominent artist came out to state that the song is about “the contrast between the atrocities that take place at night and how the calm settles in the morning at sunrise.”

Derived from his upcoming EP “Beyond The Door” (lined up to be released this fall, including five songs), “In The Morning” takes us through a universe of contemporary darkness tinted by rage and unquestionable pragmatism.

“In The Morning” manifests as a climactic rhythmic track packed with complexity and splendor, all the while conveying life’s wretched contrast. Presenting the full scope of his multiple talents, Jones’ brilliantly original single—mixed by Kane Churko—displays his musical journey to the dot. The music video exquisitely transfers his ideas into screen, as it records a night of violence between a man and a woman, ending in the murder of the man. Later on the next day—or “In the morning”—the woman wakes up and carries on her day, dancing it away.

Lazlo’s music and demeanor as an artist is best described as free. He writes his lyrics as they are and transposes them to the screen as bluntly as possible. Jones released his first record “Banana Nation” back in 2011, with Universal Music, attaining marketable triumph.

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