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North Morlan – Lack Of Touch

North Morlan

It’s fair to say that if 2020 hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have had the new track from Californian indie band North Morlan. ‘Lack of Touch’ is a quarantine anthem about the struggles of staying in contact during the pandemic – something which I’m sure all of us can relate to pretty strongly.

The song builds on a chilled-out groove melody with an uptempo drum and distinctive vocals from lead vocalist Jason MacMillan (who also plays guitar!). Managing to sound both fresh and nostalgic, ‘Lack Of Touch’ is a romantic and touching song which epitomises the DIY feel which many smaller bands have had for years – even before the stars of pop made it ‘cool’. The strongest part of the track is the guitar solo which drives the last 90 seconds – although I love the whole of it!

This song will leave you ready for a summer road-trip – one which deserves the pure quality which North Morlan have in abundance.

Ryan Powell

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