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PETSEMATARY are back again with another huge track in ‘Heady’, following the success of their Beth Shalom label debut single ‘Get Away With It’. The song eases you in with a tight drum beat before the guitar riff begins to interweave with both the bass and the vocals. Before you know it, the song has developed into a huge, beautiful explosion of everything guitar music should be about.

Speaking on the track, Gaby-Elise of the band commented that ‘Heady’ was about “owning your gender and sexuality, but also feeling drained when trying to fight for it”.

Despite holding onto such a bold attitude, the single manages to contain a certain dreamy undercurrent about it which really does make for a beautiful listening experience. The fierce lyricism in the song combats patriarchy and stands up for the strong women who aren’t afraid to break norms. Not only can the band deliver creative and melodic music, they are also capable of delivering strong moral messages in their writing.

PETSEMATARY are definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming months!

Alex Malpass

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