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Tamara & The Dreams – Internet Song

Tamara & the Dreams

“I want you there on my internet” – and there it is! ‘Internet Song’ by Tamara & the Dreams was released November 5th. A catchy alternative indie pop track, relatable and one of the songs we need in these times as it perfectly reflects our, especially younger people’s, feelings today.

An anthem for our generation living in their Instahomes, communicating with stories, breaking off friendships by unfollowing, falling in love via their screens.

Maybe it‘s the social anxiety that leads us to the point where we are in the current times. But this didn’t only happen in 2020 with Covid, it happened already before. Though the social media usage during the Covid-19 lockdown period increased. We are forced to take what we have, to take the love we get – may it be a virtual love during a Facetime-party when your upper body‘s dressed up while you’re sitting on your sofa in your pyjama trousers.

Tamara has made a name for herself online and with ‘Internet Song’ she‘s making the generations dance. The song starts with her dreamy voice and turns into a dance rhythm that makes you wanna jump from your sofa directly to the next party – happening on the other livestream.

“Ultimately, this song is dedicated to all the people that have ever unfollowed me. I want you to know I will never forget you.” And we‘ll never forget Tamara & the Dreams and ‘Internet Song’ cause as you know once something’s posted online it is there forever – fortunately in this case!

Hopefully ‘Internet Song’ makes its way through the algorithms into your playlists by sharing, giving it hearts, following, listening till the end… – I guess you know how it works and you won’t regret it!

Anna Vince

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