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Burna Boy Channels Fury and Sorrow on New Song About Slain Nigerian Protesters, ’20:10:20′

Burna Boy has released a new song, “20:10:20,” inspired by the recent Lekki massacre in Lagos, Nigeria, where security forces shot peaceful protesters demonstrating against police brutality.

Produced by the Elements, “20:10:20” boasts an understated groove that bolsters the way Burna Boy’s vocals simmer with sorrow and rage as he rails against the violence and demands justice: “Water runaway my eye/Nothing wey you go talk wey go justify the case of their murder,” he sings. The track closes with audio recorded during the massacre dropped on top of the Elements’ production.

The Lekki massacre took place on October 20th after weeks of largely peaceful protests against police brutality and a notorious police unit, the Special Anti-Robery Squad (SARS), that’s been accused of abusing, torturing, and killing young people, per The New York Times. A group of protesters had been camped out at a tollgate in Lekki, a suburb of Lagos, and on the 20th, as demonstrators reportedly sang the Nigerian national anthem, shots were fired into the crowd. At least 10 people were killed, according to Amnesty International.

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In a statement, Burna Boy said: “The proceeds of this song will be used to support families of victims and people suffering affliction as a result of the Lekki shootings. May the heavens open and celebrate all our fallen heroes who have died for this movement from the very beginning. Rest in peace to all the beautiful lives lost.”

Burna Boy released his most recent album, Twice as Tall, in August.

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