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DEATH’s CHUCK SCHULDINER Is Getting His Own Figurine

Chuck Schuldiner, the legendary frontman of Death and pioneer of death metal, is getting immortalized in resin. A new, limited-edition statue is set to shred its way into the collections of metalheads worldwide later this year.

This 8.5-inch offering captures Schuldiner in his Scream Bloody Gore era, a time when his innovative riffs and guttural vocals were carving a bloody path through the musical landscape. Only 3,000 of these statues will be available, – each of them hand-crafted and officially licensed -, so prepare for a brutal battle on the collector’s market if you miss ordering them now.

But that’s not all. For those who truly want to delve into the sonic tomb of Death, a separate The Sound of Perseverance-inspired road case set is also on the horizon. This miniature treasure trove includes a setlist, mini backdrop, and more, all housed in a road case fit for a metal legend. Only 1998 of these will be made.

Both the statue and the road case set can be pre-ordered now from KnuckleBonz, so don’t miss your chance to own a piece of death metal history. Check out some images below.

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