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MATT HEAFY & MATT TUCK Name The Toughest Songs For Their Upcoming Anniversary Tour


Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine are slowly rolling out world tour dates to celebrate their 2005 albums Ascendancy and The Poison. The tour will feature each band playing their album in full, which means some songs that have either never been played live or are live rarities will be make it to the stage.

In an interview with Rock Sound, Trivium‘s Matt Heafy and Bullet For My Valentine‘s Matt Tuck each talked a little about the songs they’re not exactly looking forward to.

Heafy: “‘Declaration’ is a little tough for rhythms and guitar. That one’s a little bit tough, and it depends – I mean if we’re doing some of the B-sides off the records as well, like [“Washing Away Me In The Tides””] is pretty tough to play play and sing

“I guess it depends once we see what the set timing are, but luckily both our records clock in about the same time. It’s like 55, 60 minutes both. So yeah, we’ll see. But ‘Declaration’ is going to be a forearm workout.”

Tuck: “There’s a lot. I think there’s about 15 songs on The Poison, and we only ever play about four. So there’s a lot to brush up on. But you, know we’ll get there. We just need to obviously spend some time in the rehearsal room and it’ll be like muscle memory will kick in. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be challenging, but it’s going to be great. We’re going on a bit of a journey here.”

Trivium might have it a little easier – they’ve played every song off Ascendancy at some point. Though “Departure”, “Declaration”, and “Washing Me Away In The Tides” are definitely rarities. Bullet For My Valentine has played the bulk of The Poison live, though a lot of it only sparingly.

The tour dates thus far are:

1/26 – Utilita Arena, Cardiff
1/28 – OVO Hydro, Glasgow
1/30 – Co-op Live, Manchester
1/31 – Utilita Arena, Birmingham
2/1 – The O2, London

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