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Semisonic Embrace Change on ‘All It Would Take’

Semisonic dropped the optimistic “All It Would Take” off their upcoming reunion EP You’re Not Alone, out September 18th on Pleasuresonic Recordings/Megaforce Records.

“There was a time when I believed/That all it would take is one look, one heart to change me,” singer-guitarist Dan Wilson sings over a warm piano intro. “There was a time when I could see/A straightaway line for someone, somehow to wake me.”

“In each of our lives, there is the possibility of meeting that one person who will change the way we see everything, a person who will give us a sense of new meaning, a mission, a passion,” the band wrote on Instagram. “‘All it Would Take’ is our song for that moment, that person, that one voice that can change the world within you. Then you can turn outward and begin to change the world around you.”

The rest of the You’re Not Alone EP includes the title track, “Basement Tapes,” “Don’t Make Up Your Mind” and “Lightning.” It marks the band’s first new music together since 2001. “I just didn’t have a handle on how to sound like Semisonic and have it be good enough of a song,” Wilson recently told IndieLand. “I used to think it was maybe something like what Robert Plant used to say — that he doesn’t know how to be that guy in Led Zeppelin anymore, so he just ain’t doing it.”

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