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Shamir Breaks the Chains of a Past Life in Lo-Fi ‘Reproductive’ Video

Shamir has dropped the video for new single “Reproductive.” The chill, guitar-backed indie rock track follows in the footsteps of “Cisgender” and “Gay Agenda” from his upcoming LP Heterosexuality.

“Life gets tricky when you’re breaking curses from another life/In the hopes that the next one will be,” he sings. “A reward for all the strife I hold within me/So much that it’s almost comical.”

In the blurry and blue music video, the singer is accompanied by a band as they perform the track live while the video glitches like a homemade VHS cassette that’s been overplayed. Shamir sings and plays guitar as he’s seen sporting the signature deer horns on his previous two single’s covers.

On Wednesday, the singer also shared the 10-song tracklist of the upcoming album, out Feb. 11, featuring songs such as “Abomination,” “Cold Brew,” “Father” and Nuclear.” The musician last released albums Shamir and Cataclysm in 2020.

“I think this album is me finally acknowledging my trauma,” Shamir said in a statement. “Everyone knows I’ve been through so much shit and I kind of just rammed through, without really acknowledging the actual trauma that I do feel on almost a daily basis.”

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Shamir is set to join Courtney Barnett during seven stops of her upcoming tour.

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