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Song You Need to Know: Gray, ‘Party for the Night’

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Korean rapper and producer Gray has returned from his mandatory military service to the scene with Grayground, released last month. Although it’s his first full-length album, Gray has been a prolific artist and dominant force in Korean hip-hop. The album boasts 11 tracks, and “Party for the Night” encapsulates his trademark sound, which modernizes beats and melodies that draw inspiration from Nineties hip-hop. Rather than limiting himself to a single genre, Gray experiments with various concepts and is more introspective — think signature Gray, but upgraded.

Starting with his producer tag, those familiar with Korean hip-hop will immediately identify “Party for the Night” as a hit. His music is always on-trend, and “Party for the Night” is no exception. Gray sings, “Let go of yourself once in a while and party for the night,” a comforting reminder to unplug, and “Just do as your heart tells you to do.” He hands the baton to labelmates Lee Hi and Loco in the chorus and later verses. “What’s important to us is now/Leave your worries for tomorrow/What more do you need in this moment?/Party for the night,” Lee Hi sings, her soulful vocals tying the song together while complementing both Gray and Loco’s flow.

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The theme of letting loose may be a familiar one, but the way “Party for the Night” has been conceptualized makes it feel new, from the juxtaposition between three distinct voices to the track’s vintage music video.

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