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From Dowdle To Monrow: Kelly Discusses Her Musical Debut With Scars Of Venus

Kelly Monrow is an artist in the true sense of the word. Over the course of two years, the Texas-native has proved to be a creative force, showcasing her skills as an actress, singer-songwriter, and performer. Her debut album Scars of Venus, which came out this year, has added to her popularity, earning her love and respect from the public and industry professionals alike.

There are only a few all-around talents in the world and there’s no doubt that Monrow is one of them. Up till now, she has managed to have a relatively successful career in both music and film. She admits that her passion for one field feeds the other, and helps her become better, “All of the experience of my acting career has allowed me to sing and perform the way I do and now when I go back on screen to act, the singing has helped me with stage presence and being even more authentic in my approach.”

“Art is art. I don’t think when you are truly being creative there is a lane you ever need to stay in. Kelly Monrow is my stage now for singing because I wanted to create my own path within the music industry and it’s a fun way for me to get out of my own way and be playful and creative through a different channel,” explains Kelly, who announces that she has a new “feature film coming out in 2023, called Three Days Rising, starring Mickey Rourke, Peter Greene, Bo Dietl, Vincent Young.”

Monrow has been unstoppable this year. With back-to-back releases like “Wake Up,” “Ain’t Mine,” “Jagged Heart” and “The Woman,” she now plans to drop another music video for the track “Wounds,” which is rumored to come out on January 13, 2023. Kelly also wants to shoot visuals for “Pain Turns To Love,”admitting, “I love creating and producing and of course acting in all my videos so it’s super exciting for me to make these music videos.”

Kelly is all set to head back to the studio and record some new music as well. It seems that 2023 won’t be any less busy for the artist, as she prepares to perform shows and release more material in the future.

Listen to the full album here:

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