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Simplicity Is Genius: Peter Flaherty Presents ‘Like A Dog, Baby’

Fans of simplicity, rejoice! Peter Flaherty is back with another epic album of acoustic guitar and vocals that spans a tiny bit under an hour. The entire collection feels raw and personal, and most every song is written in a way that immediately lets the audience know – there’s a story there! Listeners are already familiar with “Ocean Blue”, “Validated”, and “Two Seconds”, which were previously released as singles. Flaherty worked on these with his talented producer Steven Clark, and soon enough the project titled Like A Dog, Baby was born: “I think together we’ve created some unique sounding acoustic tracks. Carving our own little path in the annals of folk-ish music.”

Flaherty shared some of his ideas in a recent interview, saying that “I sometimes write like I’m talking to my younger self. I’ve done a lot of living and learning, so I guess there are messages in some of these songs that could serve as inspiration. But trust me, they weren’t premeditated. I feel zero responsibility or obligation. If my music blows up one day, I may feel differently, but I won’t be running for office.” A true artist and a poet, Peter Flaherty makes music that’s timeless and vulnerable. Check out the album right here!

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