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Get To Know Argentina’s Rising Talent Juan Minatta

Taking one step at a time and dropping beautiful, emotional pieces is pop artist Juan Minatta from Argentina. This time around he shared a lovely duet “after the aftermath” with Micaela Blue, and in no time the song gained huge momentum, peaking at #17 in New Zealand Top 50 and #1 on Iceland’s Top 50 charts. With over 350K streams, the artists decided to come together and record a few different versions of the song, which then were combined under the EP titled ‘after the aftermath’. 

Juan Minatta is a young and talented singer-songwriter whose incredible voice is capable of showing a myriad of emotions, thus leaving the listeners in awe of the depths of each piece. His previous works include a stunning cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” as well as “Run Away” and “Best Of Me”, two singles he is famous for. Minatta is far from the mainstream; this artist does not rush to fame or glory, but works diligently on every single track, bringing to his audience the best he can. Stay tuned for more awesome music!

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