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Cakeswagg Talks About Upcoming Music Video For “Big Plays”

Leading rapper, Cakeswagg, continues to revolutionize Boston’s Hip Hop scene with her releases, especially with the recent single “Big Plays.” Famous for her glamor and feminine mystique, the songwriter says: “The biggest inspiration behind “Big Plays” was just feeling motivated to really push myself and make everything bigger and better in the new year. As an artist, it’s super easy to become complacent, especially when you’re achieving your goals.”

Speaking of the upcoming music video for “Big Plays,” Cakeswagg reveals: “From ‘Big Plays’ fans should be expecting a “Cakeswagg Production”. I never leave any stone unturned when I’m working on a visual , as a theater student I really love diving into the themes and characters I create. This is why for this video my team and I decided to really delve into the 1920’s. Just as the 1920’s was the birth of a new era in music, fashion, resilience and clearly defiance of rules that need to be broken, so are my plans for 2023.”

It will be interesting to see Cakeswagg combining the energy of the roaring twenties with her lyrics, “It’s still big cake I get it f*cking baking/ This ain’t no pop smoke but still f*cking shaking/ And you prolly won’t last if you hesitating/ Cuz don’t nobody hold the crown so that shits for the taking/ My b*tches choosey, we get boujee on you f*cking goofy/ Sorry Pooky, he a groupie, I ain’t pop no coochie/ If you get crazy, I can promise, you gon lose a few things/ I’m still sturdy,  do some proving if you wanna move me.”

Inspired by Missy Elliot, Queen Latifa, Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and Kendrick Lamar, Cakeswagg admits to having been influenced by Gospel music.  Growing up in the church has had a huge impact on the artist’s sound, who loves hearing lots of different live instruments in her music. That unique approach is crystal clear in the latest song “Big Plays,” which will be accompanied by a music video very soon.

Listen to “Big Plays” on Spotify:

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