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Caro Juna – Maybe

Caro Juna

Caro Juna is a Brooklyn based artist with Japanese and Korean roots. Her forthcoming EP ‘Violent Delights’ out on 16th April is previewed with the release of leading track ‘Maybe’.

‘Maybe’ opens with a twinkly electronic sound before Caro’s breathy almost whispered vocals kick in. The track clocks in at under three minutes and has some great percussion moments but doesn’t really build on it’s promising opening. Perhaps Caro’s vocals needed to be mixed so that they were louder and clearer.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a copy of the lyrics as Caro is credited with being a poetic and intelligent wordsmith and I’d have liked to have read what she was singing to get a better appreciation of an artist who makes insightful and thoughtful music.

Mark Wakeman