Indie Music

Shade Ray – Emperor

If you want to be transported to a laid-back, sun-drenched world, possibly in the 1950’s, then ‘Emperor’ is the song for you. The first single from Shade Ray’s self-titled EP, out October 16th. It’s the first time they have released music since adopting their current name, having formerly been known as Marine for their brilliant 2018 album ‘Fable Electric’.

‘Emperor’ is a great piece of escapism, thematically about being truly in love with someone before they get famous, and not being fooled by their new flashy lifestyle. Paying homage to both 1950’s soul and Sixties girl groups, ‘Emperor’ also finds space for a scintillating guitar solo which adds some extra life to this track.

I especially enjoyed the lead vocals on the track, which shift at ease from high-pitched to lower, complete with an infectious twang which give Shade Ray a distinctive sound. This is a great, feel-good song, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the EP sounds like.

Ryan Powell